Welcome to the new era of Decentralized, Democratized, Global

Gaming Competition.

Competition, winning, community, earning: all of these ideals will have a place on our platform. Whether you join the platform because you want to step up your competition, or you join the platform because you hope to become the world’s next top esports competitor, you will find all the features and functionalities you could ask for on ChainGamingX.

Best of all? It all happens through a decentralized system.

This is tomorrow’s gaming competition, made possible today.


Experience the future of competitive gaming today

Our platform, fully decentralized and democratized, will foster direct connections between players. People on the other side of the world, through ChainGamingX, can use cryptocurrency for entries into matches, tournaments, and leagues. In turn, our smart contracts verify winners and make distributions, of the prize pool to which all the participants have agreed.

Secure and Transparent Transactions

Decentralized Platform

Community-Driven Project

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS:GO Winter tournament


Fortnite Flash Tournament


Are you ready to showcase yourself?

To get started, the tournament organizer will initiate the beginnings of a new smart contract, by selecting the game that players are going to compete in.
Players in every tournament will initiate smart contracts of their own, to enter the tournament that the organizer has created. Before ever entering, players can review and verify the advertised prize pool and other details, as all the details for every tournament exist on the BSC.
We have devised a tournament structure that is comprehensive but straightforward. It will track the outcomes of matches as well as the running standings throughout the tournament. For then to distribute the prize pool to the winning players.


Invest in a player and make it a win-win

As a player, you may come across a tournament that you know you can win – but lack the funds necessary to pay for an entry.

Our system will enable these players to seek out sponsorships in the community. Sponsors enter smart contracts with players to pay their entry fees for that given tournament, that contract between each other will agree on how the prize will be split, for example 70% for the user and 30% for the sponsor, and when the players win, the sponsors automatically receive the agreed portion of the winnings. We hope to inspire a new era of scouting in esports through this functionality. Because players will know that sponsors may always be watching, it will also serve as an impetus for everyone to play at their peak potential all the time so they can create a winning track record.


Be part of CGX

Overseeing CGX will be our DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), which token holders will make up. The DAO will function as a part of ChainGamingX organization. To participate in the DAO, a CGX holder must stake their tokens through our staking platform.

Within the DAO, we will draw on many perspectives and ideas. Everyone who is in the DAO will have the opportunity to speak about issues concerning the technology. As well, you will get to vote on the major decisions that we make regarding development and governance.

We make distributions on our line, paying out the DAO on any funds generated after we have paid our expenses. The revenue will be distributed to all the DAO members, it will be divided accordingly to the percentage of the CGX tokens staked by the users.

For example:

ChainGamingX reports a net revenue of $10.000 USD.

If there are 100M $CGX Tokens staked in the DAO and you own 10M of those tokens then you will receive ($10.000 USD/100M)*10M=$1.000 USD


Fully doxxed and transparent

Ricardo Casquero


C.E.O of the cutting edge blockchain based platform that connects the gaming and cryptocurrency worlds.

Aldo Quintana


Experienced in investments and founding a crypto platform, I bring a unique perspective to the development of blockchain projects.

Samuel Estrada

External Consultant

An accomplished external consultant with over 5 years of experience in the cryptocurrency market. Possess indepth knowledge of blockchain technology, digital assets, and the latest crypto tendencies.


Our proprietary token, which functions on the long-standing, widely held BSC blockchain, will trade under the ticker CGX. We are putting a max supply of 1 billion tokens on CGX. Of this, the team will retain 10% of the total supply, so 100 million tokens, and we will earmark 380 million for reward payouts. The majority of the tokens will go to the community: we are reserving 520 million of the total maximum supply for you, the players and participants. 

Basic information

Name:    ChainGamingX

Ticker:    CGX

Blockchain:    BSC

Max supply:    1 000 000 000

Token distribution

Team:    100 000 000 (10%)

Rewards:    380 000 000 (38%)

Community:    520 000 000 (52%)


Round one

  • Whitepaper
  • Audit
  • Social Media Creation
    Social Media Creation
  • Official Website
    Official Website
  • Token Launch
    Token Launch
  • CMC and Coingecko Listing
    CMC and Coingecko Listing
  • Fair launch
    Fair launch
  • Tier 2 CEX Listing
    Tier 2 CEX Listing
  • Sponsorships

Round two

  • Platform Go live
    Platform Go live
  • DAO
  • Tier 1 CEX Listing
    Tier 1 CEX Listing
  • "XPoints" Release
  • Tournament Organizer Categories
    Tournament Organizer Categories
  • Leaderboards
  • Rewards Store
    Rewards Store

Round three

  • ChainGamingX official League
    ChainGamingX official League
  • ChainGamingX Streaming Platform
    ChainGamingX Streaming Platform
  • P2E Integration
    P2E Integration

Our platform offers secure and transparent gameplay, fair competition, and seamless transactions using cryptocurrency. Explore our games, rules, and prizes, and join our community of passionate gamers and blockchain enthusiasts. Learn more about our vision, technology, and team, and discover the potential of gaming and blockchain combined. Join us now and level up your gaming experience!


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